I wish to express my gratitude for Christian Science

I wish to express my gratitude for Christian Science. During the last two years we seemed to be pursued by misfortune; not disease, but lack of employment. All my husband's endeavors to find another position were in vain. Through this falling off in our income, we had used all our money formerly laid by and had even sold some dispensable household articles, because of the needs of a family of five. Days, weeks, and months passed, and my husband found no work. We were in great misery; the daily returning battle with want had not only exhausted my husband's strength but I too was all worn out. We decided to end all our lives,—a dreadful deed,—but we thought it excusable because despair had taken control of us and we felt entirely forsaken. We did not then see that almighty God gives bread to every one, and that we had allowed error to control us,—which prevented us from having the right faith. We were, however, led to a lady who encouraged and helped us for the present. This gave us a fresh hold, and my husband soon found work which kept us temporarily above water. After some time he found a position with a firm where he had many times before inquired in vain. The lady who had held the thought of truth for us, now told us something of Christian Science, and we endeavored to live in accordance with its teachings. In case of sickness we have always received help. I have lost my headache, which was of many years' standing.

On one occasion, however, my husband wavered. After he had been in a position for four months he was dismissed. At first he did not tell me of it, but ran around seeking work. At last he went to our friend. She advised him what to do and reminded him to be sure and hold to the truth. This was on Saturday, and Monday morning he had his old position back again. His employed is much more friendly than formerly and better satisfied with his work. We have a larger home, and I earn some extra money.

Testimony of Healing
My coming into Christian Science was a normal growth...
July 15, 1905

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