Whatever there may be in the contention as to whether...

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Whatever there may be in the contention as to whether or not healing the sinful and sick demonstrates the truth of Christian Science, this much is certain: the sinful and sick are healed by the application of this faith, and this fact is the only evidence to the practitioner that he really understands the Science, and is the only proof to him that his argument that God, Spirit, is the only real Life, substance, and intelligence, is true; while the claim that lesser powers can produce and maintain sin and sickness, is false. It is useless to quarrel over technicalities.

It might be argued that light "has no demonstration on the plane" of darkness, but the fact remains that when the light appears the darkness disappears, and it can be demonstrated that light is real while darkness is a nonentity. For example, if a room is filled with darkness and it is light without, one might open a window or door, admit the light, and dispel the darkness; but if the room is filled with light it is not possible to admit the darkness from without and dispel the light. Thus we prove the reality of light and the unreality of darkness.

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