The Kingdom Within

"THE kingdom of God is within you." Who is believing this? Who is living in the consciousness of this great truth? Jesus said of little children, 'Of such is the kingdom of God." And he also said, "Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein." Yet, according to his word, this kingdom is within you. And all his words are true, and all are for man's use. Christian Science calls us to know and to understand these words. Man, of whom it is said, he is made in God's image and likeness, is, without doubt, in His kingdom, who made all that was made and pronounced it good; but mortals who to-day have wandered so far from this truth concerning man, as to forger God and His kingdom, need to awaken and retrace their steps,—their wanderings in the wilderness of material sense,—if they would find their true selves, God's children, "Spiritual and not material," as Science and Health teaches, p. 468. What is a ray of light when separated from the sun? You tell me it cannot be a ray without the sun. Neither can your true being exist apart from God, because it exists to manifest God. Let us awaken to the call of Truth and obey as the little child, "resist the devil," —all evil,—that it may "flee from us," and then we shall find this kingdom which has always been "at hand," and "within." We shall no longer be deaf, and dumb, and blind, to what is good and true. God is unchanging Love. He changes not, but we must change, must turn toward the light, if we would not walk in the shadow which mortal sense is casting, but which does not belong to God's child at all. When we do realize the Master's word: "The kingdom of God is within you," we shall reign and triumph over all evil,—over sickness and sin, because neither can empt us to forget God or disturb our allegiance to Him.

S. F. S.In Hoopeston (Ill.) Herald.

Notice Regarding the Bible Lessons
June 6, 1903

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