Progress through Consolidation

The prime factors in the growth of any cause must of necessity be its own inherent virtue, and the wisdom, integrity, and energy of its leader. Of great importance, however, is the unselfish loyalty of its adherents, and their willingness to do whatever seems best for the general good, most conducive to the progress of the cause, which, in the case of Christian Science, means the greatest good for humanity.

Spiritual and material strengthening through the consolidation of churches, marks the present era in our denominational advance; and in no department of progress is the truism, "In union there is strength," better exemplified. It must not be inferred, however, that the frequent reports of such consolidation indicate a decrease in the number of our churches. On the contrary, the marvelous growth, to which the world is becoming accustomed, continues, and this union of churches is but the means whereby particular fields are strengthened and prepared for the natural expansion which has been delayed, perchance, through division.

"Open, Sesame"
September 18, 1902

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