A Few Suggestions

In a recent issue of the Sentinel there was a request for contributions "such as can be written from the standpoint of experience and demonstration." This request should cause us to ask ourselves if we are doing our whole duty by our publications. Do they have the support we can and should give them, or do we try to assure ourselves that we are "too busy" to prepare suitable articles for publication, since there are plenty of others who have both the time and ability to do so? Suppose there are others who can do this work as well, or even better, than we can, have we not a duty to perform? May it not be that it is just as important and just as necessary for us to do our part of this work as it is to do the many things that seem to demand all our time and attention?

If patients, students, and church seem to demand all our time and talents, might it not be well to "take time" to do our duty by our publications and see whether patient, student, and church will not be the better for it?

Wisdom and Understanding
May 17, 1900

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