The Peace of God

"Through much tribulation, I have come into this peace," are the words of the great Italian Dante. My heart echoes these words when I look back upon the perturbed and sorrowful years that preceded my coming to Christian Science. For many years I had suffered greatly from sleeplessness, the attacks becoming more frequent and of longer duration as time went on. Though many doctors prescribed and every imaginable remedy was tried, nothing brought relief from this increasing wakefulness and unrest. Then followed most distressing pains in the head, accompanied by extreme nervous irritability, and this continued until I was sometimes almost frantic with pain and impatience. About this time, too, a great sorrow came to me in the loss of a friend under very painful circumstances. I felt this loss so intensely that it seemed to me my last hold had given way, and there was nothing left for me to cling to, nothing to live for, nothing to hope for. I no longer cared to try to get well. The darkness of despair overwhelmed me, and I was continually haunted by the direful thought that I was losing my reason. Like a big black cloud that fear hung constantly over me and tremblingly I awaited this final catastrophe.

This was the darkest hour, then came the dawn. A ray from the infinite Light and Love pierced the dark clouds of mortal sense in which I was enveloped, and brought me hope and courage. It came in the form of a vision of spiritual intuition, indescribable but strength-giving and beautiful. Supported and sustained by this new hope, I took up my daily duties once more, carrying with me a quiet conviction that a certain something, I did not know what, would set all things right. In due time I heard of Christian Science and began at once to take treatment, then to study and love this beautiful revelation of Truth. Gradually I came to know that the something I had been waiting and hoping for, the something promised and foreseen in that hour of greatest need, was nothing less than this glorious revelation of infinite Love and Truth. And what a transformation this blessed Truth has wrought in me! No more sleepless nights or pain-filled days! Every trace of the former suffering, sorrow, despair, and dark foreboding completely obliterated, and in its place has come health, happiness, hope, joy, peace, and a sweet and abiding conviction that a God who is Love will always guide and guard me. In the words of the poet I have

Living Water
November 22, 1900

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