Chronic Disease Healed

It seems to me that no one has greater reason to be thankful for the teaching and practical application of Christian Science than I have. Having taken over-doses of calomel during a severe sickness when a child, I was left with a nasal trouble which developed into what physicians call atrophic catarrh. I understand that to be the worst form of that disease. I was unable to breathe any dust or cold air without great suffering. My physicians told me that I never could be cured as long as I was in my present occupation, as they said the dust was bad for me. Being a flour and feed dealer with a well-established business, I could not change my occupation without a large financial loss. For thirty-five years I never was free from this trouble, and for over twenty years I had not had one unbroken night's sleep. It is often said by persons who have not investigated this subject, that Christian Science might cure nervous troubles, but never could cure chronic cases. I wish to say that I am a living witness to the healing and saving power of this Science. It certainly cannot be denied that a disease of thirty-five years' standing must be classed as chronic if it ever could be. For twenty-five years I had kept a continual fight with it. I bought nearly every remedy I could find. I employed the very best physicians, and it all ended in failure.

I was treated by a Christian Scientist for six weeks (mostly absent treatment) and immediately took up the study of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." I also attended every Christian Science meeting, which I have found are a very great help to one who is under treatment. By faithfully following the teachings to the very best of my understanding I began at once to improve, and while my healing was slow, and at times I had many discouragements which obliged me to work more diligently, victory came at last. I am now in perfect health and am a wonder to my friends who knew of my former condition. This teaching has given me a desire for Bible study in which before I had no interest. Language cannot express my gratitude to our Leader for the lessons learned in the study of her various writings, most of which I have.

Testimony of Healing
Healed by Christian Science
November 22, 1900

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