Living Water

Often in my childhood I used to go with my playmates to get water from a spring in the farther end of a long pasture. We always found the water bubbling up clear and cool, rising from unknown depths which our childish imagination pictured as fathomless. About the loose roots and grass that encircled the edge of the spring a deposit of very fine soil had gathered, and after we had filled our pails or pitchers and played a while, the water would become very roily. Nevertheless when we came the next time it was as clear and clean as ever. The pure water below, ever pushing upward, forced out of the way all surface in purities. Over in the hill to the east, no doubt, through many little underground channels, the water was coming to feed this spring. Had these channels become obstructed or turned aside, the little spring would have ceased to flow and soon nothing would have been left of it but a pool of impure water.

So it is with Truth, the living water which Christ gives us. It is within those who drink of it, as he said it would be, a "well of water springing up into everlasting life." Through this illustration of the spring we see that it is the entrance more than the outlet that we must guard. The one who is striving to live a Christian Science life must keep in close communion with God, must look to Him for all supply, must watch that no obstruction of self-will, apathy, or error of any sort comes in to clog or obstruct the free entrance of Truth into his consciousness. If given free entrance and passage through human thought this living water of Truth will push its way upward, keeping its outlet pure and free from contamination, and cleansing even the depths of man's consciousness.

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November 22, 1900

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