Living above the clouds

It’s a dreary, gray morning with low cloud cover and a light drizzle. Not much to see out of the little window as the airplane taxis toward the runway. A few minutes later it’s time for takeoff, and in mere moments the plane rises through the first layer of clouds. There are a few light bumps as the plane makes its way through the rain, continuing up, up, and up. Soon the clouds begin to thin and the scene outside becomes brighter. All of a sudden, sunny, blue skies stretch out all around, and the blanket of clouds is left below. 

This rapid, great transition between “life on the ground” and the unseen, glorious scene waiting above can serve as an analogy for the beautiful way our lives take course when we look above the fog of everyday experiences and see the sunshine of God’s harmonious existence. No matter how bleak the circumstances may seem to be, more time spent with God results in less “mist” in our lives.  

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