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Young voices

In school, new job, just married? Read stories and insights related to your studies, career, relationships, sports, and more.

The value of Science and Health in my life

A teen was given a writing assignment to talk about a book that had been important to him. Here, he describes the impact that studying Science and Health has had on his life.

A friend’s “enemy”—my enemy, too?

Self-righteous anger and a grudge are relinquished through Christly love.

‘Friend zone’ frustration replaced by gratitude

Feelings of emptiness and longing are replaced by the knowledge that God doesn’t leave us loveless.

A God-directed career

A ballet dancer learns that her future is designated by God. 

A promise kept

When facing an uncertain future, the author finds comfort and hope in one of Jesus’ promises.

From anger and annoyance, to love

The writer sees the connection between purifying her thought and health.

After years of procrastination, this college student finally defines what being a Christian Scientist means to him.

An icy road in winter brings an insight that blesses year-round.

From fear to freedom

Fear of the unknown melted into confidence and gratitude when this college student turned to God.

A stressful workplace became calm – and a place for interreligious dialogue – for this college student and his coworkers.

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