Accepting God's love

Toward the end of a Christian Science lecture I attended a few months ago, the lecturer asked the audience something along these lines: “Are you willing to admit to yourself that you are God’s own likeness?” To me, the question I heard was, “Do you have the humility to accept what Christ, God’s message of love, is always telling you, or are you stubbornly refusing to accept what you know deep down is true?”

What I’m realizing more and more is that to accept the teachings of Christian Science, you must begin with humility. I have always known in my heart that God is good and that the man He created is perfect. However, for so long I refused to accept this for myself, justifying it with a track record of wrongs that I had trouble letting go of. I reasoned that yes, man is perfect, but somehow I was excluded from this perfection because I clearly had done things that a perfect man wouldn’t do. I mean c’mon, I could prove it!  

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