Eye on the World: Nelson Mandela and the ideals we embody

The world mourned the passing last week of Nelson Mandela, the South African president from 1994 to 1999, who served 27 years in prison for challenging the country’s apartheid government. Upon Mandela’s release, he worked to integrate South Africa’s segregated society. Mandela’s moral stature served as an example for many. He emphasized peaceful forgiveness and reconciliation in South Africa and elsewhere, and practiced those values in his own life.

Nelson Mandela’s roads” examines these spiritual ideals of goodness and forgiveness, which Mandela described as the roads which lead to “a beautiful South Africa.” These qualities, which come from God, will guide a new generation of leaders to address world challenges and to overcome instability and violence.

Mandela’s commitment to forgiveness was one of the reasons his leadership unified South Africa and served as a model for other communities worldwide. “The heart of forgiveness” explains that forgiveness is more than just a personal effort to be kind to those who have mistreated you--t’s a spiritual unfolding impelled by God, and it blesses us and others in unimaginable ways.

Many who are familiar with Mandela’s life will also consider the ideal of justice. Was his lengthy imprisonment just? How can South Africa continue to further the cause of racial justice and equality? “Unfailing justice” explores the topic of justice from a spiritual perspective. It explains that divine law is upheld by God, and is supreme over whatever injustice we may encounter. The  writer discusses a situation in which he was wronged, and how he prayed not to entertain thoughts of fear or revenge, but to recognize that each person reflects God, divine Principle, through honesty and integrity.

The spiritual ideals that Nelson Mandela embodied  will uplift and guide each of us, and lead to a more equitable future.

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