Eye on the World: tornadoes in the American Midwest

Major storms passed through Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana on Sunday, knocking out power for hundreds of thousands across the Midwest. The town of Washington, Illinois, was hit hardest—a tornado left parts of the town in ruins and injured dozens of residents. Police are turning evacuees away from the town until debris can be cleared, and, in the meantime, the American Red Cross and emergency officials have set up shelters to care for those who had to leave their homes.

Storm stories and the prayer that brings light” explains how no matter where we live, we can address news of destructive storms with a prayerful insistence that God is supreme. Since God is omnipotent and purely good, He does not abandon His children or create natural disasters to test their faith. In fact, as we recognize divine government in prayer, we’ll see God’s power bringing peace and tranquillity to whatever circumstance, replacing frightening weather with calm.

In extreme weather, a call to pray” provides an example of how this kind of prayer can work. In the middle of the night, with tornado sirens going off and torrential winds pounding her house, this writer sat down with her Bible and turned to God. She witnessed the power of divine Spirit overruling a potentially destructive storm. This kind of resolution is, in fact, “divinely natural,” as the definition of “miracle” in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, suggests (p. 591).

Protection during a tornado” offers another example of how prayer enables us to perceive God’s direction. God’s messages sustain us, comfort us, and allow us to be of service to others. We can recognize that divine messages are being communicated to rescue workers and officials, too, giving them the ideas and resources they need to bring security to our neighborhoods and communities.

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