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Every parent wants his or her children to build good relationships with other kids at school, and to find interests and activities that they’re passionate about. But kids are spending more and more time in front of phones and tablets. What impact are those screens having? Experts say that kids can learn useful skills from digital resources, but that their screen time should be carefully monitored—and that the most important learning comes as kids learn to navigate real-world relationships.

The topic of bullying has also been in the news often these past few months. In Florida, a law has been proposed that would hold parents accountable if their child bullies others online. It would be the first of its kind in the US, although Nova Scotia, Canada, has a law that makes parents liable for their children’s cyberbullying. Meanwhile, schools in the US and elsewhere are rolling out anti-bullying programs in an effort to help students build healthy relationships with one another.

Whether you’re a parent, a teacher, a student, or just someone who’s interested in education, your prayers can make a difference! It’s always helpful to start by remembering that students are governed by God and receptive to God’s direction, just as adults are. You’ll enjoy diving into the follow articles as you pray about issues relating to education. Each piece explores a different aspect of education, but all point to the fact that divine Spirit made each individual to express fearlessness, strength, and obedience.

Innocence rules in school” by Fay Coulouris (December 31, 2012, Christian Science Sentinel

A mother’s prayers for her teenager” by Anne Taylor (May 13, 2013, Christian Science Sentinel)

Peace-making 101” by Christine Irby Williams (April 9, 2012, The Christian Science Journal)

Trust and the test” by Lynne Cook (August 19, 2013, Christian Science Sentinel)

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