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Eye on the World: Egyptian election

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Egypt’s interim president Adli Mansour — the nominal head of the military-backed government that seized power last summer — announced that the country will have an early presidential election before parliamentary elections planned for April. General Abdel Fattah El Sisi, the head of the Army, has intimated that he would run for president if called upon to do so by the population. Over the weekend at least 49 people were killed in clashes with police, as security forces shut down anti-government protests. The Muslim Brotherhood, officially outlawed by the state, is nonetheless continuing to lead demonstrations across Cairo against military leadership.

The paradigm of peace” offers a starting point for anyone hoping to pray for Egypt. News headlines over the past three years have shown a country that’s experiencing intense political turmoil, but there’s a different view we can take of the situation. God gives each individual purpose, direction, and the ability to express harmonious government, and as we recognize that this divine care embraces people everywhere — even those in turbulent political climates — we can expect to see more peaceful transitions of power worldwide.

When the situation is as complex as Egypt’s, with many competing political factions and differing motivations, it can be hard to know how to even begin to pray. “Defense against confusion” offers a helpful perspective in this regard. It reminds us that by turning to God, divine Mind, we dissolve confusion and divisive influences, and see harmonious solutions revealed. As the writers note, “No matter what the challenge is—personally, locally, nationally, internationally—a conviction of Mind’s oneness has power and authority, and we can trust it.”

How the ‘Daily Prayer’ blesses government” takes a deeper dive into how we can pray for good government in Egypt, and around the world. As we pray, we don’t need to outline how a solution will come about — but we can have confidence that peaceful, righteous, harmonious government is at hand and can be realized. The Daily Prayer “rule[s] out” of our thinking any partisan friction or fear, unifies differing motives, and brings about stability in government.

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