Eye on the World: Food and supplies for people in quarantined areas of Africa

Aid workers in areas affected by the ebola outbreak in parts of Africa are facing increased difficulties getting food supplies to areas that are quarantined. As The Christian Science Monitor reports: “The United Nations World Food Program says that trade bans and quarantines are ‘increasing pressure on the most vulnerable populations’ in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, as crops are left to rot in fields and many struggle to access food and other basic supplies.” 

Other people have prayed about such issues, and here is a sampling of ideas that inspired them.

“Christianly scientific prayer can heal Africa,” says Bosede Funmilola Bakarey in her article “A prayer to heal poverty in Africa.” An African herself, Bosede’s article addresses many of what are believed to be endemic problems on that continent.                       .

In “While traveling on the road . . .“ Hayeim H. Lurie, writing from South Africa, tells how he proved the power of prayer to overcome contagion and to restore health.

Cure for Epidemics" draws on Bible passages that are deeply helpful in praying about epidemics.

To read more about these and other spiritual truths in these articles, click on the links in each one. They are only a few of the inspired ideas on the website that have helped people’s prayers for the world.

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