Eye on the World: Prayer that challenges prejudice

In “French Jews stand firm as anti-Israel voices grow louder in France,” Yonathan Arfi, the vice president of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France (CRIF) said, “We have long thought that anti-Semitic prejudices would go away with the new generation,” but “events [of late] show that the new generation is not at all immune to anti-Semitism.” This problem appears to be “most critical in disenfranchised neighborhoods.”

The author of “As a child of Jewish holocaust survivors . . .” says that during his youth, “I couldn't shake the feeling that I was walking through life with a shadow of hatred over me.” Later, after he began to read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, his thoughts changed. Once when he was out with friends on a busy street, he writes, “I just had this feeling that if God was loving everyone in that street—which I tangibly felt He was—then He was loving them even if any of them believed themselves to be racists. Not that God could love racism, but God just loves everyone as His children. And I thought, well, then, I can do a better job of loving these people, too, seeing them as God does.” 

Five people tell their stories either in forgiving after being treated with prejudice or overcoming personal prejudices toward others in “Breaking through the walls of prejudice.” They tell of biases against women, black people and white people, and cultural prejudice, and how these biases were addressed through spiritual concepts they were gaining in Christian Science.

Worthy of our love” offers a way to get past prejudice of any kind. The writer says, “It is our concept of another that makes him seem good or bad, loving or unloving, lovable or unlovable. The Bible reveals the true nature of man, made in God’s image and likeness. To accept any other view of man not only is grossly wrong but is injurious to one’s own health and happiness. To understand man as he really is opens the way to true harmony.”

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