Now that the election is over…

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Now that the US Presidential election is over, our real involvement in politics is just beginning. That’s right; simply casting your ballot didn’t end the momentum. Because, when you think about it, the political fervor we’ve seen is really about something more than just electing a leader. Our hopes are actually bound to something more than just a personality; we hope for what might be called righteous government—government that embodies the spiritual principles that we most cherish. And that’s a right desire, no matter your ideology.

On the American scene, Thomas Jefferson spoke of spiritual principles in the Declaration of Independence, the founding document of a young country. He spoke of the fact that all individuals are created equal and that all of us are endowed by our Creator with certain “unalienable” rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. While we may all unite on that premise, implementing those ideals can become somewhat problematic. And we just might ask, “Whose job is it to do that anyway?”

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