"Prayer that blesses one and all"

My victory would come through the understanding that everyone was governed and motivated only by Love.

I live in a country where people are challenged daily with poverty and hunger. My own family had been battling these issues for quite a while. Having been a Christian Scientist for many years, I knew that lack could not possibly be God’s plan for me or my dear family—or anyone else.

This became evident when a friend in a neighboring country had the idea to purchase a grinding mill for me. Our family could grind the local village’s corn into maize flour and receive payment either with cash or in kind. This would also provide a valuable service for the community, as it would allow them to buy maize flour at a fair price. Maize is the staple food in my country and maize flour is used to make breads, cereals, and many of our main dishes. 

As my friend did not at the time have the necessary funds for the mill, she asked me to join her in praying about the idea. I was reassured by this statement in the Christian Science textbook: “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 494). This told me I could trust that God, divine Love, would provide. 

Within two months, the funds were raised to purchase the mill. But when I went to the shop, I found that the price quotation given to me covered the cost of the diesel engine for the mill but not of the grinding mill itself. Therefore, the money I had was not enough. The only option was to have the grinding mill built locally by a sheet metal worker rather than importing it, as this would be less expensive. I soon found someone who could do the work. After I gave him a down payment of 50 percent, he promised that he would start working on the mill. 

When I went to visit him a month later, however, he had not yet begun the work. Then he disappeared from his workshop for the next three months and ignored my many phone calls and text messages. During this trying time, I mentally got down on my knees in prayer and affirmed that God’s children are inseparable from and coexistent with Him and reflect the divine qualities of honesty and integrity. Even though it appeared that there were many minds at work, I knew that in reality there is no other Mind but God, and that man expresses the harmony of divine Mind.

I knew that lack could not possibly be God’s plan for me or my dear family—or anyone else.

Admittedly, it was not always easy to pray, because anger, fear, and discouragement would creep in. But these thoughts dissolved as I stayed with the truth, “Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you” (Science and Health, p. 571). I reasoned that no form of error—dishonesty, envy, selfishness, greed, hatred, etc.—could touch me, because error is the opposite of Love. It is not of God and is therefore powerless, unreal. My victory over evil would come through divine Love—that is, through the understanding that everyone involved was governed and motivated only by Love. 

One day I went to the sheet metal worker’s workshop and found him there. As we started discussing the reasons for his failure to fulfill our agreement, he called in his friend who had been sitting in a car outside. After hearing my story, this friend suggested we draw up another agreement promising the man would surrender certain of his goods in the workshop as surety if he failed to deliver on the mill. It was signed by all three of us.

When I returned two weeks later, he had still not finished my mill but was working on a mill for another customer instead. At that point, I asked him to return my half-built mill and my diesel engine. But the man could not produce my engine or give me a satisfactory answer about where it was. I then decided to go to a nearby police station and make a report. The police contacted the sheet metal worker and told him to come to the police station and bring the engine to enable me to collect it. The next day I went to the police station at the appointed time and sat there for almost two hours, but the metal worker did not arrive. No further action was taken by the police to help me.

As I sat at the station praying, suddenly the thought came that I should collect my half-completed mill from the man’s workshop and leave, even without my engine—which I did. This thought came not because of any human prompting or influence from any quarter but in a moment of yielding to God’s guidance and trusting the outcome to Him. 

After collecting the mill, I phoned a certain sheet metal worker and asked him to finish building the mill. The man agreed to complete the unfinished mill. However, this meant that I would have to find the funds to cover this work, and I still did not have the diesel engine to run the finished mill.

But four days later, some remarkable things happened. First, I received an unexpected donation that would cover the completion of the mill by the new worker. Then, the very man who had not completed the mill the first time and had taken my diesel engine turned up at the new worker’s door—with a new diesel engine! He had replaced my former engine with the same model, same color, and same horsepower. Within ten days, the new worker finished building the mill and mounting the engine and mill onto a newly built stand. What a relief this was to my friend and to me. As I write this, I can hear the noise of the mill as it crushes corn into meal.

While I am glad to say that my modest financial needs are being met, I am even happier that the corn-grinding needs of my community are also being met. They can mill their corn near their homes and do so at any time of the day, demonstrating that “. . . whatever blesses one blesses all, as Jesus showed with the loaves and the fishes,—Spirit, not matter, being the source of supply” (Science and Health, p. 206). 

Indeed, divine Love does meet every human need.

2+2 still equals 4
July 18, 2022

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