Bone regenerates

Over a decade ago my husband bit into an apple, dislodging one of his front teeth. A visit to the dentist revealed that the tooth could not be saved. There was now an unsightly gap in his megawatt smile.

An X-ray showed that the bone that had held the tooth no longer existed, which was why the tooth had given way. That meant a dental implant was not possible. The dentist suggested braces to realign the teeth, but he warned that the teeth on either side of the gap could not be pulled completely together because of the missing bone at the base; the gap could at most be minimized. He told my husband that he would always have a gap, though he wasn’t sure how large.

My husband is not a student of Christian Science, but when he mentioned this prognosis, my thought went straight to God. I knew that there was nothing missing in God and therefore nothing missing in His creation, man. God’s children have no gaps, holes, vacuums, or lack of any sort. 

Speaking of the loss or lack of personal friends, Mary Baker Eddy writes, “. . . this seeming vacuum is already filled with divine Love” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 266). I was certain that this must also apply to the kind of physical emptiness my husband was facing. It was already filled with the only substance we truly have as God’s reflection, the substance of divine Spirit or Love, which fills all space. Beyond that, I didn’t give the situation much thought.

About a year later, braces were no longer necessary. The dentist was astounded because X-rays showed that the missing bone had been restored—filled in—allowing the existing teeth to be supported and moved by the braces. As a result, the gap had closed. My husband had his brilliant smile back. The healing has been permanent.

It was particularly meaningful that this dentist was also a professor of dentistry at one of our country’s most prestigious universities, and he asked permission to take photos of my husband’s mouth because he was planning to submit them to a respected journal of dentistry to show the remarkable outcome. I am grateful to have witnessed this healing and also grateful that someone in the field of dentistry could catch a glimpse of what is possible with Christian Science.

Catherine de Jocas
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 

My wife’s testimony about my past dental issue and how it was resolved reflects my recollection of the same events.

Michel de Jocas

Testimony of Healing
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July 18, 2022

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