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An honest heart

An honest heart recognizes this and is motivated by Christ in loving unconditionally and universally because it knows there is no other way truly to love.
Keeping Watch
During this trying time, I mentally got down on my knees in prayer and affirmed that God’s children are inseparable from Him and reflect the divine qualities of honesty and integrity.

2+2 still equals 4

A poem that reminds us of a simple, universal truth. 

Going beyond what if to what is

I was able to see all the good enveloping us, and the worry and fear regarding the previous events began to fade.
The child of God is not defined by physical characteristics such as gender. Our identity is spiritual because we reflect God, Spirit, and therefore include spiritual attributes.
TeenConnect: Q&A
Not only did this author discover that he could quickly be free from a panic attack thanks to Christian Science, he also found that he could experience permanent healing.

Bone regenerates

I knew that there was nothing missing in God and therefore nothing missing in His creation, man.
Testimony of Healing

No more indigestion

It was immediately clear that as God’s spiritual reflection, I was not, never had been, and never could be subject to any material condition, including indigestion.
Testimony of Healing

Prayer heals UTI symptoms

The prayerful work I was doing for myself and for others led to an enhanced understanding of my real, spiritual selfhood. The complete healing of this problem occurred very soon after this.
Testimony of Healing
Persisting in prayer, I was free from all pain and coughing within two weeks.
Bible Lens


Cornerstones, the most basic structural elements, denote stability and dependability.
Letters & Conversations

Letters & Conversations

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