Cough and chest pains healed

A couple of years ago I was hiking with a friend. She had a child in a baby carrier, and we had a very steep hill to climb to get to the place where we were staying. I had volunteered to carry her child in the carrier to give her a break, but on the way up I began to fear that this vigorous activity might be too much for me. Even though I felt perfectly fine, the memory of heart problems that had challenged my mom came to mind. 

After returning the child to her mother at the top of the hill, I began to cough uncontrollably and felt sharp pains in my chest. I went to my room to rest, gripped by fear that I might have one of the many ailments advertised in the media. However, because I’d had so many healings in the past through prayer in Christian Science, the fear was quickly replaced by confidence in God and His healing power. The cough subsided, and I was able to return to the group activities in the lodge where we were staying.

Bible Lens
July 18, 2022

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