Originally published in Spanish

“I felt reborn”

There must be something more to Easter than what I had been taught.

I was raised in a religion in which Easter had great importance but focused on the crucifixion and suffering that Christ Jesus experienced. For someone who had come to show us that God is all Love and all good, it seemed to me there was a lot of pain, and I could not accept that injustice would prevail over good. I felt there must be something more to Easter than what I had been taught, and I didn’t want to pass that suffering-focused concept on to my son and family.

When I was later introduced to Christian Science, I found in its teachings what I felt was a more coherent explanation of the significance of Easter—that is, an understanding of the true purpose of Christ Jesus’ life, the message of which was of spiritual light, liberation, regeneration, and the continuity of good. Over the years, practicing these teachings has resulted in infinite blessings for me and all of my loved ones. I have been able to see that God, ever-present divine Love, is with us when we need it most, when human beliefs have frightened us into thinking that this is the end of something good in our lives—or even of our life itself. 

God’s permanent goodness
April 11, 2022

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