Praying all by myself

When I was a kid, I loved going to Christian Science Sunday School each week. I loved my teacher. She was always so cheerful. I loved sitting around a table with the other kids, talking about stories in the Bible. Most of all, I loved what I was learning, because it made me feel so comforted. 

Sunday School was about God and about how to pray. One of the first ideas I learned to pray with was “There is no spot where God is not.” That means God is everywhere. That means Love (another name for God) is everywhere. There’s not one tiny place where God, Love, isn’t.

Another thing I learned in Sunday School is that these ideas we talked about weren’t just for Sundays. They were for every day. I could pray with them and be healed. So, one day I decided to pray all by myself about some warts that were on my hands.

I prayed to understand that “there is no spot where God is not.” I didn’t just say the words. I really thought about what they meant. And I listened with my thoughts to hear God telling me how true that idea was for me.

One day when I was praying, I realized that since God is everywhere, Love must also be everywhere—ever present. And since Love is ever present, warts couldn’t be present. There’s no room for anything ugly where Love is.

One thing that’s cool about praying is that when God shows you something new and true, it really sticks. It’s like knowing that 2+2=4. Once you know that, you don’t ever think 2+2=5 again. Because you know what the fact is.

That’s what happened for me with my hands. Once I knew that only Love could be present, I didn’t think about the warts anymore. And soon, I noticed the warts were completely gone. I was healed.

I was so grateful for this healing that I even shared it at a Wednesday testimony meeting at my church. It was the first testimony I had ever given! I loved sharing what I had learned in Sunday School and how it helped me.

Putting what you learn about God into practice is fun and healing. And helping others by telling them what you’ve learned is fun and healing, too. Try it!

Testimony of Healing
Courage, confidence, and conviction bring healing
August 23, 2021

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