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This day, something new we need to know about God and our spiritual selfhood is discoverable.
Their daughter had leukemia, and her doctor had sent her home, explaining that she had only a few more weeks to live. I agreed to pray for her.
We can see evidence of things working together for good not only in big situations but also in humble circumstances, such as a career change accomplished, a gnarly interpersonal problem overcome, or someone healed physically by turning to God.
After beginning my study of Christian Science, I became conscious for the first time that through God-directed prayer, I could grow out of anything that did not align with God’s idea of me as a perfect, spiritual expression of His nature and qualities. Now I wondered if this could include changing my view of children.

Sweet innocence

Here I am,at the door.

Praying all by myself

I learned in Sunday School that these ideas we talked about weren’t just for Sundays. They were for every day. I could pray with them and be healed.
Testimony of Healing
I had God-established dominion over pain and other disease symptoms—the “visible error.” Also, I prayerfully affirmed God’s authority over the underlying fear, medical health theories, and other mental factors—“elementary, latent error”—often associated with heart problems.
Testimony of Healing

Back to dancing again

I feared that I would never be able to walk or dance normally again. So, I called a Christian Science practitioner to pray with me. 
Testimony of Healing

Insect sting quickly healed

I was stung on my face by a deer fly and felt a sharp pain.
Bible Lens

Christ Jesus

Jesus is speaking of orienting one’s whole life to the Christly understanding of God.

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