Sunday School felt like family

I had found a place where I could ask questions and receive answers. 

My dad was a manager for a department store chain. As stores were being established around the United States, he and my mother would live in one town for a few months to a year so my dad could complete the opening before moving on to another branch store.

Along this journey, they ended up in Freeport, Long Island, New York. I had been born seven years earlier, and my mother was pregnant again. Little did we know as we moved into our new home that our landlords were Christian Scientists, and that we were now living next door to First Church of Christ, Scientist, Freeport.

As our landlord talked with my mother, my mother confided to her that she’d had many miscarriages and that she felt she was going to experience the same with the baby she was presently carrying. Our landlord gave my mother copies of the Sentinel and The Christian Science Journal to read. I remember their long visits together. When I was invited to go next door to the Christian Science Sunday School, I felt I had found a new home. An inquisitive seven-year-old, I had found a place where I could ask questions of my Sunday School teacher and receive answers based on two books that I began to learn from: the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

I always got satisfactory answers.

My mother soon delivered a healthy baby boy. I now had a brother. And later, my mother applied for membership in The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston.

When my dad was positioned to be manager in Lowell, Massachusetts, and we moved to a nearby town, God, Love, directed me to another Christian Science Sunday School. 

My dad had to clean the floors and dress the windows at the Lowell store, so some Sundays I didn’t make it to Sunday School. But late one Sunday afternoon, my Sunday School class appeared at the door of our home. They missed me—and my questions. What a joy it was to see my friends! I loved being with this group of students. We were a family. 

I joined The Mother Church while still in Sunday School, and a year later joined this branch church. The Bible was alive for me, and gratitude flooded my heart for the loving direction Mrs. Eddy gave for teaching in the Sunday School and for her perseverance in sharing God’s truth with the world.

I still have the first Christian Science Quarterly (containing weekly Christian Science Bible Lessons) given to me in Freeport so many years ago. Each time I look at it, I happily remember my first times in Sunday School. Now, many years later, I can’t help but feel gratitude for each Sunday School teacher and each tender guiding word from a church member. Together, they have placed me on my spiritual journey, which has included spiritual study, healings, sharing, and becoming a Christian Science practitioner.

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