Nausea quickly healed

I awoke one morning not feeling well, and as the morning progressed, I felt more and more nauseated. Then the thought suddenly came to me, “Have you remembered God?” And I had to answer, “No.” I was so busy trying to figure out why I was sick and what I had eaten that might have caused it that I hadn’t prayed or thought of God.

Suddenly I was so grateful for that message. I said out loud: “Thank you, God, divine Mind, for reminding me. You are wonderful! You are truly good!”

And as I turned my thought to God, Spirit, three ideas came to me:

   •   God is right here with me. I’ve never been separated from Him for even a second.

   •   God is all-power. He’s not just the biggest or the best; He is the only power.

   •   God loves me, and His love is constantly all around me, comforting and healing me.

At that moment, I felt so close to God. All I could feel was His love and presence. It took only a couple of minutes, and as though someone had flipped a switch, the nausea was completely gone, and I was fine. 

This was a great illustration of a quote in a reminiscence about Mary Baker Eddy in which one of her students recalls her saying that it’s “not so much what God does for us as what He is” (We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Volume II, Expanded Edition, p. 544). I wasn’t pleading with God to do something for me; I simply embraced with my whole heart what He is, and was healed. This healing occurred two years ago and has remained permanent.

Carol Rockwood
Peoria, Arizona, US

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