Missing Mom?

Haley was sad. She was sad almost every time I came to help at preschool. All she wanted was to know when her mom was coming to get her. She didn’t even want to play. She would rather stand at the door watching for her mom. 

One day Haley climbed up on my lap, and we talked. I told her that her mom was at her job. But her mom was thinking about her and loving her. Her mom was keeping her so close, right in her heart, all day long. And she would come just as soon as she could.

Then I told Haley that if she was missing her mom, it was because she loved her mom so much. So both of them were already filled up full with love for each other.

“But,” I told her, “love doesn’t stop there!” We talked about all the people who loved her.

Her teachers.

The other children.


“It’s like you’re in one big love family!” I said. 

Then we checked each face as her classmates sat at the snack table to see if we found happy love faces. Boy, we sure did! All around the table we found only huge smiles. Soon Haley felt happier, jumped off my lap, and found a pretty butterfly costume to wear. She joined right in with all the other kids and had a fun day until her mom came.

The love that Haley felt came from God, because God is Love. And God’s love is everywhere, with everyone, all the time. God’s love is so big that we are actually in Love. And we can know it and feel it.

God’s love never leaves us. Always holds us. Loves us. And fills us full of good, happy thoughts so we can show that love to others.

If you ever miss your mom or dad, you can remember big God-love just like Haley did. Then look all around you. Love has to be showing. When we feel this love, we can share it anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Now that’s something to smile about!

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