No dust on your halo

How can we stay awake to our pure, spiritual identity when we are feeling tempted to identify ourselves or others as tainted with dusty, unproductive ways of thinking?

Maybe you have seen paintings in art galleries or churches of angels with halos over their heads. When a friend emailed, thanking me for my detailed work on a church project, I jokingly responded that I was feeling very angelic and that I’d “dusted off my halo” that day. Her sweet reply was, “There’s no dust on your halo.” I smiled, but I also felt prompted to give this some deeper prayerful consideration. 

I’ve found in my study and practice of Christian Science that it’s important to strive to always identify myself correctly as spiritual and good. It’s easy to think that sometimes we’re “angelic”—perhaps having clear, spiritual insights or being kind to others—but that other times we don’t feel or act very spiritually minded or angelic at all. Then our “halo” feels a bit dusty! But identifying ourselves as dual-minded beings swinging between good and “not so good,” immortality and mortality, doesn’t get us very far.

Image and Inspiration
Image and Inspiration
March 8, 2021

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