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The vital choice

Those who feel impelled to bring healing to the suffering in the world through Christian Science are finding they do have a choice. And it helps to make an intentional choice each day to see the world from a spiritual standpoint.
Keeping Watch

The truth about trials

I knew that God, being all good, doesn’t send trials, so I didn’t get how they could possibly be proofs of His care.
Keeping Watch
By rethinking choices I would normally have made instinctively, I’m becoming humbler, more receptive to God’s guidance, more confident in my choices, and clearer about my identity as God’s spiritual child.
Keeping Watch

No dust on your halo

I’ve found that daily prayer for myself is a really effective way to keep wiping clean my thinking, dislodging and sweeping away unproductive thoughts and misperceptions that otherwise may build up.
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A song can be a prayer

God made each of us so good—actually Godlike—and I really love to bring that out in my songs. 
Testimony of Healing
I felt sure that the gift of singing, which God had given to me, could not be destroyed or altered in any way.
Testimony of Healing
I still remember the day a few years after the diagnosis when my sister-in-law came into my room and told me about Christian Science. She said it teaches that all things are possible with God.
Testimony of Healing

Knee injury healed

I had already seen, and had, many healings in Christian Science, so I did not doubt, not for a single moment, that through God I would experience healing and the ability to walk again.
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