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Useful article

[Kent Garland MacKay, “It’s already done,” Sentinel, October 18, 2021]

This article was just what I needed today. It’s given me renewed energy to get up and get going and not be impressed by seeming inaction, because God is so very in control. And I love that friends can share these articles. This was shared by a dear friend who thought I’d find it useful. Boy, did I!

Andrew Brewis, via JSH-Online.com

A gem

[James Walter, “100 percent good,” cssentinel.com, October 15, 2021]

This poem made me laugh in recognition and relief. You can see where it’s going, but it still surprises you by being irrefutable! Thank you all so much for this gem.

Kathryn Price, via JSH-Online.com

Sing praise!

[Laurie Toupin, “Sing out loud!Sentinel, January 6, 2020]

I came across this article while awake in the middle of the night and studying. I had to laugh, as the same thing happened to me in my garden in Perth, Australia. I, too, learned a lesson from a little bird—to sing praises, which has helped me tremendously. I can’t wait to hear the birdsong again when the dawn breaks!

Deirdre Morrison-Story, via JSH-Online.com

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November 22, 2021

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