Gratitude for healings

In light of worldwide concerns about the coronavirus pandemic over the past couple of years, I’d like to share some healings through prayer that my family and I have experienced.

When I was a senior in high school in 1958, a global influenza pandemic was rampant. Reports of deaths were constantly in the news. As I was nearing graduation, I came down with flu symptoms. My parents asked what kind of treatment I wanted to have. Since I had relied on Christian Science my whole life and had been blessed by being in a Christian Science Sunday School as I was growing up, I wanted to have Christian Science treatment. My parents knew from the many healings our family had seen over the years, including my healing of rubella as a youngster, that this was a wise and safe decision. 

We called a Christian Science practitioner who was a member of our church, and she was happy to pray for me. We talked daily, and her calm, clear understanding of God’s control and maintenance of my well-being assured me that because I was a child of God—divine Mind’s perfect, spiritual idea—there was no possibility that imperfection or disease could touch my experience. I had no doubt that I would be healed, and I was. I shortly regained the weight I had lost and attended my graduation ceremony. 

Forty years prior to this, both my mother and my husband experienced a life-threatening disease as babies. With my mother, it was called infantile paralysis. Since there was no medical cure, her parents, at the urging of her aunt, who had been healed of cancer through Christian Science treatment, asked for help from a Christian Science practitioner. My mother was quickly healed and lived a happy, active life. 

My husband was taken to the children’s hospital in Chicago, where he was diagnosed with flaccid paralysis. His parents were told that nothing could be done and that, for the rest of his life, in order to sit up he would have to be strapped to a chair. A neighbor told his parents of the many healings that had come about through Christian Science. With little other hope, they engaged a practitioner, who gave spiritual treatment for two and a half weeks. My husband was healed and was physically active his entire life. He particularly enjoyed swimming, dancing, and playing tennis and never had any trouble sitting up.

About two decades ago, my daughter’s family and I went to an indoor water park. There were many different spaces for various water activities. One was a narrow channel where one could swim for a distance. Above the channel was a walkway from which observers could watch what was going on in the water. I was following my grandson and watching him swim. But at one point I came to a place where the walkway ended. I asked the lifeguard how I could get into the water, and he said, “Just jump in.” Well, I did that, not realizing that the channel had curved walls. I landed with all my weight on the concrete wall and experienced excruciating pain in one foot. Just then the lifeguard blew the whistle for everyone to get out of the pool. I swam over to where my family was and explained that I would need help to get to the car, as I was unable to put any pressure on that foot.

I was quite angry that the lifeguard had not warned me to jump into the middle of the channel to avoid injury. I had been eagerly looking forward to attending a Renaissance festival the next day with my two daughters and their families. I prayed diligently to realize my God-given freedom and remembered a truth about God that I’ve always loved: “No good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly” (Psalms 84:11). 

I was able to go to the fair the next day. It seemed so right that I be there, as I knew that pain couldn’t prevent me from enjoying this family time, wasn’t God’s plan for me, and therefore couldn’t be the truth about me. 

During the day, I affirmed that, as Christian Science teaches, there is no sensation in matter—that matter cannot feel, think, or communicate anything. I also held to the fact that I am not material but spiritual, made in the image and likeness of God, Spirit, and therefore free from pain. It was a memorable and enjoyable day, and I was so grateful to have not given in to the suggestion of being incapacitated. 

I also addressed the hostility I initially felt toward the lifeguard. I was able to forgive him, and soon gained my complete freedom. 

One Sunday years ago when I was serving as First Reader in my branch Church of Christ, Scientist, about two-thirds of the way through the service I felt I was about to faint. But the spiritual truths of God’s law in operation, caring for and protecting His creation, expressed in the Bible Lesson-Sermon (from the Christian Science Quarterly), which the Second Reader and I were reading aloud to the congregation, sustained me and enabled me to continue. I was also strengthened by the support of those in attendance, especially the Second Reader, who had immediately noticed my need.

The same situation recurred for many weeks, but I was always able to finish the service. I had no problems during our church’s Wednesday testimony meetings or at any other time during the week, so it was clear to me that there was no physical condition that needed healing, just an unfounded suggestion that evil was real and could undermine the harmony of our church services and my well-being. As I gradually became less and less impressed with that weekly pattern, the problem also lessened, until I was permanently free. 

I can’t imagine my life without the comfort and spiritual tools that Christian Science has provided for my family and me.

Toni Alexander
Madison, Ohio, US

Bible Lens
November 22, 2021

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