Technology roadblock overcome

I was asked to be the voting delegate to an international convention by the local chapter of an organization I belonged to. Because of the pandemic, the convention would be a virtual gathering. I diligently studied the instructions I was sent on how to vote and watched an instructional webinar, but I was unsuccessful in the practice sessions. It was exceedingly frustrating and time consuming. 

I put the matter aside temporarily, as I was busy preparing to begin a term as First Reader for my branch Church of Christ, Scientist. Then, on the night before the convention, I rewatched the instructional webinar. Again I failed to be able to record my vote on the sample ballot.

Going round and round in my thinking was criticism of the young woman in the video who was doing the teaching. She spoke very fast in a high-pitched voice, and I frequently couldn’t understand her words. She was obviously very knowledgeable about computers and the program to be used, but I felt that she didn’t know how to convey this knowledge clearly. The only thing I remembered from the 45-minute webinar was her saying that one must “toggle between the two screens.” I didn’t know what that meant.

I decided to do what I normally do when facing any problem: I put aside the frustration and turned to God in prayer. Immediately it became clear that I had to see this woman as a child of God, and therefore spiritual and perfect. She was expressing intelligence and love for all who were watching the webinar; she really wanted to help each of us to be able to vote. Being from a generation that didn’t grow up with computers and other high-tech devices, I also had to heal the belief that I was too old to learn these new procedures.

“A Rule for Motives and Acts” from the Manual of The Mother Church by Mary Baker Eddy (p. 40) came to thought. The first two lines state: “Neither animosity nor mere personal attachment should impel the motives or acts of the members of The Mother Church. In Science, divine Love alone governs man; . . .” I knew I must get rid of any animosity. I mentally maintained that because “divine Love alone governs man,” God, divine Love, was in control and would lead me to do the right thing. 

In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mrs. Eddy writes, “Let us rid ourselves of the belief that man is separated from God, and obey only the divine Principle, Life and Love” (p. 91). I affirmed that I could never be separated from God—from divine Principle, Life, and Love—and that I was listening for divine guidance and would be obedient to whatever I was directed to do.

Beginning on page 330 of Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy lays out the “platform” of Christian Science, and before going to bed every night I read one of the 32 sections, or “planks.” This particular evening I read number XXIII, which states: “Allness is the measure of the infinite, and nothing less can express God” (p. 336). This reassured me that I possess all the qualities of the one divine Mind, God, and could express nothing less than “allness.” I went to sleep feeling at peace.

The next morning, a Saturday, the meeting was to begin at 7:45, which gave me time to follow my morning routine of taking care of my dog, eating breakfast, and studying that week’s Bible Lesson from the Christian Science Quarterly. Then, with the two-page printout of instructions beside me, I turned on my computer and began following the instructions, which had before been unintelligible to me. This time they made perfect sense, and I understood how to “toggle between the two screens,” just as the young woman had said to do. By 7:50 I had completed the test ballot and received a notice that I was registered to vote. 

The convention lasted all day, but there were down times when I could mute my computer and continue keeping my thought uplifted in prayer. Our branch church’s Christian Science Reading
Room hosts two discussion groups each month—one focusing on the Bible Lesson and the other on ideas from Mrs. Eddy’s writings. I used the quiet time that day to study for our next meeting.

That Saturday was one of peace, contentment, and great joy. I also felt spiritual growth resulting from having turned away from frustration and seeming incompetence to dominion over the situation and success in doing what I needed to do.

Dee Thiesmeyer
Pasadena, California, US

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November 22, 2021

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