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Dear Reader,

I’ve recently learned to livestream. What took me so long to adopt this technology? I hadn’t felt a demand for it.

The demands of our times, of course, are a lot more pressing than livestreaming. High on the list is to do what the motto of the Christian Science Sentinel says: “What I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.

Mary Baker Eddy chose the Sentinel’s motto from Christ Jesus’ teachings (see Mark 13:37). He told his students to anticipate upheavals in the world. But the coming of “the Son of man . . . with great power and glory” (Mark 13:26), or the Christ, would show them the power of spirituality over the failures of materialism—and enable them to prove it. He then said, “Watch.”

One reader told us how a Sentinel article helped her learn to watch. She wrote, “ ‘Indignant? Who, me?’ by Alison J. Hughes from the June 1, 2020, issue of the Sentinel struck me to the core. Hughes gave me answers I didn’t know I was looking for, putting into stark relief reactions I was having toward a friend’s attitude and media reports of flagrant injustices shared on social media, versus a more thoughtful, spiritual approach . . . a wake-up call to be more watchful indeed!” 

In the same spirit, we invite you to join us in keeping a spiritual watch. Here are some pending changes to the Sentinel that, we believe, will help us all in doing that—changes in response to what humanity is calling for: people willing to stay awake to spiritual reality. 

Starting in early 2021, the Sentinel will offer a new, expanded online presence and a fresh, redesigned print magazine. Both support turning to God for answers to today’s challenges. The new digital Sentinel will have a web exclusives area where you’ll get Christian Science content that anticipates and responds to the current world needs more quickly than in print. There’s a place, too, for favorites such as Sentinel Watch, TeenConnect, and Bible Lens. You’ll have access on any digital device to up-to-date content you can read, listen to, and share with others. 

We hope this preview gives you a taste of what’s coming. Later, we’ll tell you more about the upcoming print redesign. If you would like to beta test the new digital Sentinel, please contact us at

Susan Stark, Managing Editor

God’s forever promise: I am with you
September 21, 2020

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