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[Judith Hardy Olson, “There is hope,” Sentinel, August 10, 2020]
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Dear Reader,
Even when we feel alone or in dire circumstances, God is husbanding each one of us.

Solitude filled with Love

We are all bound to one another as essential, distinct aspects of Love’s creation.

“Who do you work for?”

Jesus knew that God meets every need. 
I prayed to see that God alone was my employer, and that the talents He had given me could not be marginalized.
These points came through with surprising and God-derived power.
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Stuck in the dark?

What can you do when you feel confused, afraid, hopeless, or otherwise “in the dark” about your life? This author shares a powerful spiritual breakthrough that brought her—and can bring you—into the light.
Testimony of Healing
While in high school in the north of England, I was very keen on long jumping.
Testimony of Healing
I was cross about something and put an open can of turpentine down firmly on a shelf.
Testimony of Healing
Ten or twelve years ago, a group of guys from the local Church of Christ, Scientist, would get together on Saturday mornings to play basketball.



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Maybe the really big story, the thing that in our hearts we’re on the edge of our seats to know about, is . . . God.
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