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From the readers

Thank you for the editorial in the June 29, 2020, Sentinel, “Can prayer protect us?
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An enveloping sense of the Comforter, the ever-present Christ, had come to me and met my need.
Our present spiritual nature is a dependable basis for prayer that brings healing. 
We have God-given dominion over the belief that life is just a matter of “the luck of the draw.”
I’ve always loved the idea that I can be a porter at the door of my thought.
Man’s true, Godlike identity cannot be disguised by a mistaken belief.

Catching light

Catching fireflies was part of the fun of summer for my brothers and me.
Testimony of Healing
I want to express my gratitude for an instantaneous healing I had after symptoms of a heart attack some years ago.
Testimony of Healing
A few months ago I was experiencing flu symptoms, and accompanying the physical discomfort was a deep depression.
Testimony of Healing
A few years ago, realizing that our income and savings were insufficient to support us, my wife and I spent over a year trying to find employment, though we were both of retirement age.
Testimony of Healing
When our daughter was in elementary school, she became ill for a day or two with what appeared to be a cold.
Image and Inspiration

There is hope

The highest hope is a deep-toned understanding of God’s ever-present love and our inseparability from it.
Bible Lens

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