Safely anchored in God’s care

First appeared as a Web Original on May 14, 2020

My neighbor is a fisherman. Walking the dogs near our home one morning, I saw his little boat safely anchored in the small harbor. It was a lovely day, and the sea was calm. As I looked beyond the boat to the large expanse of sea beyond, I began to wonder how it must feel to be out earning a living in that little boat when high winds are causing big waves to throw themselves at the rocks and crash against the sea wall. I asked myself, “How would I feel? Would I be afraid? Would I panic and fear for my life?” As I stood pondering this, the thought came, “But boats are made to stay afloat!”

How important, then, to keep the boat watertight. Any chinks in the hull, and the water will find them and seep in. And if they go undetected, we might soon find our boat filling with water, which would lead to trouble.

When protest is prayer
August 3, 2020

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