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[Chet Manchester, “Overcoming fear of the unknown,” Sentinel, July 6, 2020]
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Continuing The Conversation
Dear Reader,

Christly compassion in times of need

The accounts of sorrow and sacrifice in the media reporting on the coronavirus pandemic stir the heart.
We can choose how we steer our mental “boats” through turbulent times.

When protest is prayer

I uttered a silent, mental protest against the notion that God’s children could be at odds with one another.
A great sanity already exists in each of us, impelling us to think and act in Christly ways.
Understanding our spiritual identity enables us to see how we reflect God’s goodness in countless unique ways.
TeenConnect: Trending
With the pandemic sweeping Europe, this American citizen living in Spain shares how Christian Science helped her face—and overcome—her fears of being so far away from her parents and potentially unable to return home.
Testimony of Healing
Our family of five had a most beautiful healing of flu symptoms that shows the mental nature of a virus.
Testimony of Healing
When I was thirteen, I developed about two dozen warts on my hands.
Testimony of Healing
When I was serving The First Church of Christ, Scientist, as International Communication Coordinator for my home country, the Philippines, I sometimes traveled to remote areas to meet with informal groups of Christian Scientists.

Bundle of life

Intelligence, clarity, and stability are gifts from God, freely given to each of us.
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