Warts healed during class instruction

When I was thirteen, I developed about two dozen warts on my hands. They weren’t very visible, so I wasn’t too self-conscious about them, but at times they were uncomfortable. I wished they would just go away, but I knew that healing was possible through Christian Science prayer.

The problem was, I didn’t think I knew enough about Christian Science to heal the warts. So for more than a decade, I resigned myself to living with them. I didn’t talk to anyone about them, so it’s likely my parents were not aware of the issue. Then, after graduating from college, I decided to go through Primary class instruction in Christian Science. I felt a need to deepen my understanding of God and my relationship to Him before heading off to live in Asia for an indefinite period of time. I knew there weren’t any Churches of Christ, Scientist, or fellow Christian Scientists within several hours of my soon-to-be home.

Testimony of Healing
Freed from fear and immobility during hike
August 3, 2020

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