Injured eye quickly healed

Healing doesn’t take time; it takes divine Truth, understood and trusted. We may sometimes be tempted to think an injury will take a long time to heal, but I’m grateful to be learning that we can expect quick healings on the basis of God, good, being the only cause.

There is biblical authority for the statement that God is Love (see I John 4:8). And the first chapter of Genesis states that God created man in His image and likeness, to be Godlike, and that everything He made is very good. In this view of creation, there is no sin, disease, or death; instead, God, divine Mind—in whom is no variableness (see James 1:17)—creates, maintains, and sustains His perfect universe, including man, for eternity. The truth is, since God—divine Life, Truth, and Love—never created sin, disease, or death, they are not actual conditions. And having never been created by God, the only creator, they can, in reality, have no effect, since they would need a creator behind them to animate them. 

Testimony of Healing
God’s love breaks through
April 20, 2020

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