God helped me when I felt scared

My family and I were driving to the Grand Canyon on our way home from California. The Grand Canyon is a nice place to visit because it’s colorful and rocky and really pretty. It’s also very big and deep.

On our way to the hotel, it was getting dark because night was coming. And then it started snowing really, really hard. My parents said it was a “whiteout.” We couldn’t see much out the window because it was so snowy. 

There was no place to turn the car around or pull over. My parents were scared and not sure what to do. I was scared, too. But then my mom said we could all pray. 

In Christian Science Sunday School, I’ve learned some hymns that I like to sing as prayers. So I asked everyone to sing “ ‘Feed my sheep’ ” by Mary Baker Eddy. It is a good song about God, who is like a shepherd to us. I like the part that says, “Shepherd, show me how to go / O’er the hillside steep” (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 304). It makes me feel better and not scared anymore. I feel safe when I sing this hymn.

My whole family sang along with me, and pretty soon, the storm began to clear up. Once, it came back again, but not for long! We kept singing “ ‘Feed my sheep’ ” until the skies cleared up for the rest of the way to our hotel, and we made it safely.  

I learned that praying makes you feel better and that God can help with anything. If you feel scared, you can pray, too!

Testimony of Healing
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April 20, 2020

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