Silencing “locker room talk”

Years ago, I swam a mile every day early in the morning. The gym was always very busy with swimmers, basketball players, and weight lifters, both men and women. One day, while getting dressed after my swim I heard another man talking about women with degrading and obscene sexual language. He was a few locker rows over, and I just tuned him out. 

At that moment, one of his friends came over to me, introduced himself, and asked what I did for a living. I replied, “I am a Christian Science practitioner and devote my life to helping others through prayer.” He mentioned that his grandmother had been a Christian Scientist, adding that he had respect for what I did. At that point, the whole locker room became quiet. And as I was getting ready to leave, the first man came over to me, apologized for what he had said about women, and told me he wouldn’t speak that way again. 

“Now what?”
March 16, 2020

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