A lesson in listening to God

Have you ever felt as if you were in over your head? Drowning in fear, self-pity, or disappointment and wondering when it would end? At this very moment, pausing and listening to God can be very effective. Recently, I learned a lesson in listening to spiritual intuitions. 

Our dog loves to roam the landscape around our home, which includes several small ponds. But even though he loves the water, he is afraid to swim. One day last spring he was exploring near one of the ponds, which was still partly frozen, and he apparently fell through the ice. After noticing that he had been missing for several minutes, I had a spiritual intuition to put on my tallest rubber boots and head out toward the pond in our front yard. That’s where I found my dog—in the water, hanging on to a tree branch by his paws.

On the lookout for good
December 21, 2020

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