Love is the plot

“I’ve lost the plot!” a close friend said to me. Basic elements of her life, such as home, purpose, and work, lacked meaning for her. There were unresolved problems and a general feeling of “What’s this all about?” But all this, she explained, was giving way to a simple recognition: The “plot”—or purpose—of life is love.

When mental shifts like this take place, we feel the Christ at work: God’s moment-by-moment message reminding us who we really are as Love’s reflection. Think of the Love-sent messages that found voice through Christ Jesus. He told people, in essence, “You’re not bad. You’re not sick. You’re not a hopeless case. You’re whole, perfect, spiritual, deathless, loved, and loving. You are the light of the world!”

“All perfect gifts are from above”
December 21, 2020

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