“What I say unto you, I say unto all, Watch”

Dear Reader,

These words of Jesus, printed on the front of every Sentinel, have been causing us to think in fresh ways about the role of editorials. This concept of being sentries, of maintaining a spiritual watch, undergirds the changes you’ll see in coming months. For starters, editorials will no longer be tucked away at the back of each issue. Rather, they will be right out front—on the cover, in fact—helping readers discern and make sense of the challenges facing our world.

Each Sentinel will begin with editorial content leading you into the issue and framing the spiritual watch we’re all on together. Sometimes this content will be related to current events, and other times it might be a theological point that needs addressing. But in any case, the content will aim to be more responsive—and more timely in that response—to needs of the day.

This illustrates the importance of the Sentinel to humanity. We will be taking up this spiritual watch with you every week, noticing the trends in thought and  addressing them together. Through more timely content published on the web and in print, we expect to be building a closer connection with you. Our joint spiritual watchfulness enables us to keep each other awake to divine goodness in action, and to work together to “waken the world” (Mary Baker Eddy, Message to The Mother Church for 1902, p. 17) to the way the Science of the Christ is transforming the universe. 

Leading with the editorial will “connect the dots” of our weekly spiritual watch and invite you in to other content, in print and online, that will deepen our understanding of spiritual Truth, which the world so needs today. 

Eddy stated, “Our watchwords are Truth and Love; and if we abide in these, they will abound in us, and we shall be one in heart,—one in motive, purpose, pursuit” (Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, p. 135).

Thank you for being “one in heart” with us as we journey into this next chapter of the Sentinel fulfilling its mission for the world! 

Larissa Snorek, Associate Editor

Heaven . . . here on earth?
October 19, 2020

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