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[Barbara Horton, “How God sees me,” Sentinel, September 7, 2020]
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Continuing The Conversation
Dear Reader,
God’s support is not to be found at some distant date but is present to feel and experience now.

You’re in the ark

We are free to think in expansive ways about our health and wholeness. 
Almost every faith tradition in the world includes prayers, in one form or another.
One winter, I had a part-time position in a chocolate and ice cream shop.

The joy of subduing sin

Feelings that don’t have their basis in unselfishness and purity are not leaders.
We don’t have to feel trapped by fear.
I could trust God to heal me.
Testimony of Healing
As a grateful subscriber to the Christian Science periodicals, I am finally getting around to submitting this testimony.
Testimony of Healing
Our young son has always loved playing with sticks while walking in the woods, and he has bought many a toy sword with his own money.
Testimony of Healing
When I was in sixth grade, I started wearing eyeglasses, and as an adult I wore bifocals.
Image and Inspiration
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It is divine power that is certain and irresistible.
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