Freed from emotional pain after abuse

This story, my story, has a lot to do with forgiveness—something that is often misunderstood. Genuine forgiveness is not about accommodating or ignoring evil. It’s not about trying to think some “happy thoughts” or putting up with something wrong. To me, forgiveness is amazingly powerful when it is about standing in awe of God’s, divine Love’s, all-power. It’s about breaking free of the mesmerism that says a certain narrative has to have a permanent hold. It means freedom. 

Many today have experienced unspeakably hurtful situations, and my heart goes out to them. Many are finding it difficult to forgive, find healing, and move forward. I’d like to share my experience—it may be different from others’, but this is what helped me. I want to attest to what I’ve learned through my study and practice of Christian Science about trusting God, and about how that can help us see our way through and move beyond even the most troubling times. 

Knowing that you know
December 31, 2018

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