The blessing of Christian Science

I used to like to go out with my friends to drink and pursue worldly pleasures, even when I was married. This went on for many years. With time came the emptiness of feeling bad and feeling alone. I wasn’t taught any religion, and I thought it wasn’t necessary. But as I continued in a path of vices, I realized that I wanted a change in life—that I didn’t feel good about what I was doing. And one day God, in His infinite mercy, showed me the way. 

As I walked past a Christian Science Reading Room in Southern California, I felt impelled to look at the notices in the display case, and one was an invitation to the Christian Science church services in Spanish in Tijuana, Mexico, where I live. I decided to write down the address and look for the place where the services were held. That’s how I became acquainted with Christian Science.

No more bad dreams
December 31, 2018

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