Pain from nettle stings quickly healed

It was early morning, and I was walking down a trail along the river near our home, when I ended up inadvertently wandering off the trail. This is easy to do because of the lush vegetation in the section of the trail I was on. By the time I realized I’d gone off course, I was in the middle of a thicket of stinging nettle plants.

A minor encounter with a stinging nettle typically causes some discomfort, but because my hands, arms, and legs had all come into contact with multiple plants, I was quite uncomfortable. However, even before I backed out of the nettles and returned to the trail, I started praying about the simple mistake of going off trail. I prayed to know that God never makes mistakes, and that man can experience nothing outside of God’s spiritual and perfect creation.

Testimony of Healing
Children’s healings
December 31, 2018

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