No ‘aging out’ of our value

A friend of mine who was looking for a job was told time and again by prospective employers that there wasn’t a place for her. Daily she persisted in looking, but after a couple of months she began to suspect that despite her qualifications, she had “aged out” of any workplace opportunities.

At first this discouraged her. Yet she isn’t the kind of person to stay discouraged for long. Over many years she has found value in devoting time each day to learning about divine Spirit, God, and gaining a more spiritual sense of her life. She loves these times of prayer, which are inspired by a heartfelt yearning to know and feel God’s boundless love. And she has experienced the power of that love to bring her triumphantly through illness, lack, and injury. Just thinking about the powerful experiences of healing she has had buoys her up, providing encouragement whenever the going seems to get especially tough.

How I Found Christian Science
The blessing of Christian Science
December 31, 2018

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